Why did you join the Players’ Association?

In over 20 years as a professional hockey player I have seen and learned a lot. While players get bigger, stronger and better, I see room for improvement to professionalize Swiss Icehockey in general. Most of the time it’s the players who come up with ideas first to make hockey better. I along side the SIHPU want to help the players to be recognised and heard.

Jonas HillerEx-Player
President SIHPU

Why did you join the Players’ Association?

We players are an important part of the “product” ice hockey. In the past, our opinions were not perceived enough. With the foundation of SIHPU we have a great opportunity to improve this.

Félicien Du Bois
Félicien Du BoisPlayer HC Davos

Why did you join the Players’ Association?

I want to build something for our players especially for the next generations. It’s not just about a player, it’s about the person under the helmet. It is important to me to have the best conditions to develop our ice hockey further.

Ramon Untersander
Ramon UntersanderPlayer SC Bern

Why should every player be part of the Swiss Ice Hockey Player Union?

Clear goals, a united appearance and the commitment of each player are decisive for the success of our association, which is committed to the interests of all. Every team athlete has already experienced this secret of success or failure.

Ivo Rüthemann
Ivo RüthemannEx-Player
SC Bern legend