Powerful Swiss food for the highest demands

BE THE CHANGE® stands for Swiss quality.
We are the first Swiss manufacturer that produces sports nutrition, vital substances and snacks Swiss made and sustainable.

We measure quality by effectiveness.

Our products support your well-being, your performance and your health resilience. They contain no artificial additives, no preservatives and no colorants. As a result, all of our ingredients contribute to the desired effect. Powerful, natural and gentle on your stomach and intestines. Manufactured in small-scale production and using the latest production technology, we achieve the highest bioavailability of natural raw materials. Laboratory tested and certified for athletes on the Cologne List®.


Change begins with every decision.

We choose fairness and long-term benefits throughout the value chain. Starting with the individual ingredient, which we carefully grow regeneratively with our partners in agriculture with meaningfulness for people, animals and the environment, to the biodegradable tissue paper and recyclable packaging.

The local, natural ingredients come with short transport routes to our production, where we manufacture them under strict Swiss food law mindful to premium products, also with organic certification. This is how we guarantee the freshness and purity of our products.


Swiss made – the difference with the Swiss cross.

“Swiss made” is a protected term. It means that we use practically exclusively Swiss ingredients and raw materials for our production in Eastern Switzerland. Exceptions are only allowed if an ingredient does not grow or cannot be produced in our country. Cocoa for example – we simply love it too much to do without it. So we ensure our parameters with our partner and process the cocoa bean in Switzerland to finest chocolate nibs. Unlike “Made in Switzerland”, we do not mix imported raw materials in the country, but use Swiss raw materials wherever possible and manufacture our products here as well.
We are proud that therefore the Swiss cross officially adorns our products.

We go all the way.

We go all the way and package our food in biodegradable bags and durable recyclable packaging. Even every accessory, like the shaker and water bottle, is biodegradable. We never use food like corn, which is a staple food, but leftover fibers like renewable wheat straw or sugar cane fiber. This closes the loop on our products.


We combine research, precision and Swiss technology, setting new standards with international excellence. For example, we are a laureate of the ISPO Brandnew Selection 2020 Award, the world’s largest multi-segment trade fair in the sports business.


Every change has its story. Write your own.

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For general questions about BE THE CHANGE® please contact Barbara: barbara@bethechange.swiss

For support in matters of nutrition and health, Sven is at your side: sven@bethechange.swiss